Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nursery DIY

Well I've decided to get creative! I've always been a little creative- but it was always the kind of creative that just floated around in my head and never really amounted to anything in the real world. And then.... along came pinterest! .... Its like a magical place where you can browse through other  ( much more) creative people's minds for hours-- marvelling over beautiful diy projects and original ideas.... and totally procrastinate from doing anything remotely productive yourself. Fantastic.
I decided I would change all of that and become a "do'er".  haha...
Alas- baby nursery is officially in progress... and is definitely a bit of a pinterest experiment.

I guess I can get some credit for being proactive in already painting the nursery/ baby room ( or whatever I am suppose to call it... haha- nursery sounds so old fashioned but I'll go with it). Actually most of the credit goes to the girls that gave up their afternoon to help me paint it.
It went from a plain ol' white to a bright and colorful turquoise/aqua color ( which I have since been banned from painted anything else in or around the house after a bit of a painting spree.... Sorry Rob). At the time it seemed like a "safe" choice because it was happy and gender neutral. I guess safe would have been a more gentle, soft color.... but I am fully committed now :)  ( did I mention its the same color as my prom dress from a decade ago)...

Back to the pinterest idea--- that would be our adventures in paper bag floors! Basically its a bunch of brown craft paper ripped up and paper mached to the floor with school glue. Then its stained and coated with some sort of poly sealer ( I'm not doing any of the chemically parts Mom)... and the final result is supposed to be an inexpensive - leather look-a-like- diy floor! We shall see.  But so far so good if I do say so myself!

Getting the supplies... and preparing to spend hrs on the floor ripping & scrunching paper....getting covered head to toe in glue :)

Day #1-- making some progress. Starting to cover the bare floor with craft paper... lol... hope it works!
You also get to feast your eyes on the colorful walls!

Almost finished phase one! ( that was my job!)

All the paper laid! Feeling pretty proud...A little dirty and a lot sore from all that bending and kneeling! lol...

Robby's turn! Hard at work doing some staining for the crazy craft lady!

Starting to look pretty neat! This was my last look before I fled the room for good until "phase 2" is dry! More pictures soon to follow!
It might not be your typical nursery-- but hopefully it all comes together in the end.. ( much like the whole naming baby issue). Now-- just to add the finishing coat... some shiny new baseboards.... oh ya!... and a bunch of baby furniture yet to be determined ;) Hopefully she's enjoying her current living accomadations in the womb for a few more months and gives mommy and daddy some time to step up their game.

Here's a few pictures I have come across of others who have chosen similar wall colors-- I like the top three the best I think... but still trying to figure out just exactly what other colors to use. Suggestions are always welcome! :)


Friday, 20 July 2012

On strike..

So, if you actually have been keeping up with my little updates you have probably realised that there really hasn't been much going on lately... its been just about 3 whole weeks since my 3d ultrasound... That's a long time in pregnancy- baby has gone from the size of a mango to a cauliflower and grown almost a pound... I have  upped a pant size, had 3 emotional hormone induced outbursts, gained 6 pounds, traded in the bikini for a tankini, discovered a mysterious grunt that comes out with random position changes, and have become accustomed to random rib shots. All in all, lots has been happening- none of which I have had the urge to write about... ( or the urge has been quick and fleeting- promptly replaced by an internal procrastination line or a nap).

Actually- I have a confession... I have been on babyland strike.
After all the wonderful excitement from the 3d ultrasound, and making my "online diary" a little more public ( via facebook) in all of my excitement and wanting to "share my babe with the world"... I froze.  All at the same time, I immediately regretted my brave post linking all of my friends and family to my random baby babble and belly shots... and I went through a bit of anxiety about how real all of this is becoming. 
I mean- now I have seen my "daughter", made out some tiny little features, and now I am starting to really see some belly growing! Its getting closer.... and I all of a sudden I felt even more unprepared.
The nursery remained bare. The baby has no official name. I haven't read enough of my pregnancy or parenting books. I haven't started looking for baby items yet. Maybe I should be more excited? Oh no!..... what am I doing?!............................
 I couldn't weigh in on any conversations of items I needed to acquire when asked by generous friends and family mainly because I really have no idea exactly what I even needed.
I knew a crib, changing table and car seat were all required items.... but in the crazy world of bouncers and jumpers, and walkers, and the million types of strollers,maternity clothes,  diapers, and bassinets?, and bath things and baby doo-dings.... my head was spinning.
So I opted for the easiest option..... boycotted the pregnancy/baby world until the spinning stopped.
No, that doesn't mean I acted like I wasn't pregnant and opted for the wine and sushi.
It means I pushed aside thinking of baby names, searching for baby room decor, reading pregnancy magazines, blogging about prego things and basically just took a break.
It was the best thing I could have done- because all of the negative feelings, fears, and anxiety about mommy-hood have seemed to take a hike for a while as well as any self-consciousness about writing down my feelings ( hahah.... I guess that is fairly obvious).
Rob and I took a little weekend vacation to relax and getaway... and although it was different that an adventure we would normally plan... it was just enough to hit the reset button.

Hey- a  girls gotta go at her own pace.... and I promised myself I wouldn't just write on this "to make a blog entry", but when writing things down was helpful and I actually had something to get out of my head and share.

Oh-that- and I really needed to finish  "50 shades of grey"... haha....