Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Baby brain

Well, after a series of unfortunate events in my "virtual world", I am finally back. I'm sure that most people either thought I gave up on the whole blogging thing, or didn't have anything to write about.... No... Lots happening here!  Now I feel like I'm writing an excuse for a professor, but I swear its true.
After having my laptop crash ( it was about time anyways)... And going slightly crazy without having a connection to the web, I splurged and bought an iPad!.... (Yes- I probably should have purchased a car seat, stroller, or playpen instead.... But I guess I don't quite think like a mom jusssst yet).. Great! Problem solved.... Now I can get back to blogging!
Ever hear of baby brain?
It really does exist.
My email address and password, that I used almost daily... Completely wiped from my memory. And it really never came back.  I gave up a few nights and figured it would just come back to me... But no luck. So after multiple emails to google and a bazillion combinations .... I am back.

I've heard baby brain never really goes away after the baby is born. Haha... So  even if I somehow manage to escape stretch marks and swollen ankles, I can look forward to random moments of flakey-ness for years to come. You've been warned.

Also,  prepare to be bombarded with posts... I'm almost finished work, which means I'll have a lot more time on my hands..... Hopefully the brain will cooperate from now on...

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