Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Bump

So I'm now realizing that although I have been terrified of getting to be as big as a house since day one, I think I may have been a little disillusioned just as to how big I would actually get and how much my " shape" would actually change.

I shunned maternity clothes and shuttered at the thought of having to spend my hard earned money on " fat pants"... " meh, my yoga pants and flowy tops will be good enough" - and I really believed it . Well they were... For the first 6 months... And then a funny thing happened... I kept growing.
Every night I still feel the same... It CAN'T get any bigger, and every morning I roll out of bed, catch a glimpse... And it did!
I know it's fantastic and means little bean is healthy and growing lots ... But my religious- pee, scale, and shower - routine has gotten to be a little scary as I watch the numbers climb higher and higher.
Apparently, the outside world thinks I am all baby. Hehe. I think they are just being nice. And thats just fine with me. So far I have gained 25lbs. ( wow doesn't that feel weird to type out)... And at 32 weeks along, is perfectly normal! But geeeez... Grow baby grow.

Want to know what all those extra pounds have made me "grow to love"? You guessed it. Those dreaded- Maternity clothes. Haha
Bring on the stretchy tummy panels, special cut-long shirts, bigger bras... Oh and you might as well throw in some breast pads while you're at it.
I've discovered a whole new world at h&m mama! And I must confess, am slightly addicted. Good thing I live on a secluded island with limited opportunity for impulse shopping.

Since I'm on topic of my beach ball of a belly... I've noticed a few things in my day to day life lately ....
- putting on eyeliner at the sink/ eyebrow tweezing... Doesn't work if you actually need to lean in to the mirror
- food that used to fall on the floor when you missed your mouth .. Now ends up directly front and center on the belly. Always beware of crumbs and food dribble
- if you brush up against something wet or dirty anywheres below your belly button... Chances are pretty good that it will be a stranger that informs you since you have no visual of that area anymore.
- regular summer shaving and bikini line maintenance will replace your morning aerobics and yoga all in one .. Be prepared for some huffing and puffing
- strappy sandals and laces are better choices when there your partner or close friend is nearby in case you need assistance. Bending over easily is something you probably take for granted until it feels like you are crushing your lungs and .... Oh I don't know.., say.. A baby?!
- awkward intimate moments. Enough said.
- a pregnant belly trying to maneuver around cramped hospital rooms, IV poles, and treatment rooms is the equivalent to " bull in a china shop".. Although no one seems to mind.

There are also lots of perks to the every growing bump though...
- hours of entertainment watching it morph into weird shapes and bounce around as the little one stretches and kicks around
- stork parking
- the freedom to eat a big lunch and then slip ( errr... Squeeze) into a bathing suit , not having to worry about "sucking it in" or the afternoon bloat.
- being able to do funny dances around the house while holding your belly
- did I already mention the kicks haha
- feeling like a magic genie or the happy Buddha ... Everyone wants to rub your belly.. It has to be good luck sending all that love to the baby!

Pics of 28 weeks and 32 weeks along!

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