Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday snoogles

Well, I'm writing this post from bed...all curled up in my Snoogle.
Since this is my first baby, I'm really not sure how long these things have been around for.... But my god..... They are amazing and absolutely every pregnant person should have one. In fact,I can't imagine giving it up post pregnancy- so it might just be here to stay.
It's hard to say it this brilliant invention was thought up by an expecting mom, who got sick of tossing and turning all night..... Or by a soon to be dad, who got tired of hot and heavy pregnant snuggles / being treated like a giant body pillow.
Either way. Thank you. It has been my sleep time lifeline for the past 2 months. Basically, if you have never seen a Snoogle.. It looks like a full on, extra special body pillow in some weird wrap around shape. It snuggles your belly, legs, head and backside all at once... Pure heaven. Highly recommended.
Anyways, it's Sunday and I'm feeling a little lazy... So back to snoogling I go.... Ahhhhh...

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