Sunday, 30 September 2012

Au naturale

So as i sort of blabbled about in the last post... As the weeks close in on me, I have been embracing this last stage of pregnancy.
With most of my aches and pains dissipated ( by some sudden miracle), room ready ( mostly), bag packed, showers and prenatal class behind us, and with a calm and newfound acceptance of what is to come----I am finding myself in a very peaceful place, and in no rush speed up these last 3 weeks.
I am very proud of how well my body is tolerating pregnancy. ( Now I'm not talking about weight gain and body image stuff... I have issues with that like any other normal person would-- and at the same time know its all part of it- and it bugs me less and less) What I'm talking about is my body's innate nature to seem to know exactly what to do to keep it healthy and to make the optimal nest for my little girl to grow in. Whether it be related to diet, healing, comfort or protection... My body has served me well without " me" having to over think things too much.
If I hurt, I stretch in all sorts of positions later to read about the multiple benefits of those particular movements... If I crave something... It seems to be just what my body needs ( aside from the occasional bacon), and same for when I have a food aversion--- probably something I shouldn't eat. My choice of activities (hula hooping for instance) -- seems to have been the perfect circular movement of my hips to help baby get well into my pelvis , where she needs to be.
Which is why I am hoping that it continues to do so, right through labour and delivery.
I have been spending more time lately thinking about the whole birthing process... And I feel that my nursing ears will be perked for all the medical lingo surrounding me- picking out key words and waiting on the reports of the "all important " apgar scores...
I have never really experienced pain.. Other than the odd gymnastics injury as a child, and frankly , have no idea how I will deal with it.

It's interesting, there was a time when I thought that the optimal birth experience would have to be a quick cesarean section. Numbed and leaving all of your lady bits intact just as they were before.

But the more I think about it, I have an increasing urge to try to forgoe as many medical interventions as possible and birth my child into the world as naturally as possible ( of course safety is my first priority... But this is assuming that isn't an issue).
So what is my " birth plan" ?
(Ideally)... I would like to stay home until I am having regular contractions..(which means staying at my mothers which is 20minutes away from the hospital rather than on an island with no labour and delivery support staff).
A little inconvenient- but much safer than risking birthing in an airplane or on a ferry.

I would love to be able to have a water birth ( this is where all my friends that call me a hippy will chuckle). However it is not an option in this province unfortunately. So at least being able to labour in a tub sounds nice. I'm hoping to be able to move around- use the birthing ball- and let gravity help facilitate things.

I'm hoping not to need to be induced with the pitocin drip- because that usually means that next comes the epidural to take care of the monster contractions.
If I get the epidural- then I know I will be confined to bed and unable to use my bodies natural coping methods of movement, swaying motions, gravity and such.
Really- you would never try to have a bowel movement while laying on your back- especially if you knew it was going to be a big one! ( sorry) so it just seems like it wouldn't be optimal position to birth a child.
And then there is that flood of natural hormones that our body so graciously gives us- just when we need it most.

It seems that a women's body just naturally knows how to bring these little miracles into the world, and is better equipt than we give it credit for.

The question is... Can I handle it? Will it really be mind over matter, or will I be that crazy girl in room 3b screaming for the epidural at the top of my lungs?
I sure hope not.
And at the risk of sounding much more granola than health care professional --- I think that being able to bring baby into the world minus all of the drugs and extra recovery those interventions require- just seems like a better option.

So what have been doing to prepare myself?
Lots of pep talks, reading on coping and breathing techniques.... And crossing my fingers that my perineum has some magical elasticity power that I don't know about. Heee..Heee..whoooo!! ( my attempt at breathing).

I came across some really inspirational words the other day in one of my searches that I have been reading a few times a day... Maybe it will help.
I'll post it for you to read shortly.

I must say little babe... You have seemed to get me more in tune with my body ( and mind) more than any yoga or meditation class ever has. I hope you enjoy you last few weeks in your little nest as much as I am :) xox

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  1. it is a true gift, to be able to birth our babies. i wish you a beautiful labour and beautiful birth. i know you'll do wonderfully. xoxox