Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Karma police

Story time!
Well I have been feeling pretty fantastic ( besides round and such),and was just getting ready to brag about it in a post ... And then I ran into "karma"....
Remember that extra set I grew since being pregnant... Well I put them to good use... And then karma bit me in the butt ( back).. For being a meany.

It was a lovely september day. Sunny, just warm enough for a soon to be mom to frolic around in a Tie dye sundress. Barefoot, toes in the sand, connecting with nature... Breathing in the ocean air, listening to the waves.... On a completely empty beach- just me and my dogs. Sounds perfect doesn't it?
This blissful afternoon of relaxation and gentle meditation continuing on in this manner for about an hour and a half... Until the pups were played out and my stomach started growling for some dinner.
As I made my way back across the beach, I saw a man watching from a distance and the parking area of the beach... He also had a dog, so instead of making my way up the trail to my parked car, ( the same trail he was likely headed down), I went to the far end of the beach and waited for this other dog & beach lover, to head on their own beach adventure.
Time passed and apparently this man did not seem to get the hint, and remained at the foot of the trail with his giant golden retriever.
I decided it was time to head back anyways... Like the rule breaker I am ( or just plain forgetful and too lazy once I realized).. My leash was in my car.
Once my dogs spotted the other, they rushed over to investigate this new dog on the beach.
Ahhh. A 10 second growling match, followed by purely gentle playing and sniffing. Shoot... I was halfway down the beach and could move about as fast as ... Well... An 8 month waddling pregnant girl in a maxi dress.
But it was too late. By the time I had called my delinquent doggies back to my side I had a very angry and erratic man yelling obsenities at me... Arms flailing around like a lunatic... Unleashed dog of his own running around him.
As I walked by him ( dogs not even giving him or his pooch a second sniff) and apologized, he was still in a angry arm flailing state.
Goodbye happy beach girl. Hello sour prego face.
I scurried up the hill, and preceded to write a note for ( as it turns out- a tourist from far away) this mans windshield. Which started as a apology and quickly pointed out that we both at fault if neither of us were using leashes... And that a grown man need not to scream like a bloody lunatic At another person while visiting "our island"... Blah blah blah....
Then, by the time I was finished, decided that there was no need for all those words, and simply left a one word note under his wiper. Grrrrr.... I was so mad.
Feeling kind of tough and satisfied all at once , I got ready to drive home, and helped my 70 lb puppy onto the back of the truck....
And that is when karma slapped my bitchy butt right to the ground.
All of those loose and stretchy ligaments had finally given out. And there I was sobbing and taking propped up baby steps to the front seat of the truck- hoping that my new man friend did not decide to come up the trail and lend a hand (or flailing arm).
I have often thought about leaving a little note for someone when they have really ticked me off.... But never have I done it. And let me tell you... I will never ever do it again. Karma or no karma - it is just too risky.

Thankfully, I had a strong fisherman at home to help me transition from couch to floor, and on and off the toilet that night ( that brings in a whole other level of comfort--- probably useful for the delivery room)
With some stretching, hot baths, a prenatal massage, visit to the doctor, and a little bit of hooping, and one very attractive stabilization belt.... I am functioning like an obese 89 year old instead of a 104 yr old... And slowly getting better everyday.

I have really gotten use to being active during my pregnancy and refuse to give in to all of the aches and pains and complaining. At just over 35 weeks... I am praying that my back lasts the next 4-5 and I can continue to do all the things that I enjoy... And all of the things I waited to do until I "had time " once I was finished work.

So if you see me waddling around with my sexy sacroiliac maternity back brace, let it be a reminder to think before you act.
And not to pick up large dogs while pregnant- whether you bend your knees or not ;)

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