Saturday, 15 September 2012

Showers....errr.. friends? :)

Its about time for another post I suppose. I have written a couple since my last, but they were very down and hormoney-- the kind that if my little bean were to read later in life somehow- she may throw it back in my face and tell me I'm horrible. So they are (for now) hidden and just part of this ever evolving process of motherhood.

Today's focus is all on the happy! ( hmmm... pregnancy and bipolar seem to sound like they have alot in common sometimes.... anyways).
I was once again reminded of how much I am surrounded by love and an abundance of generous and supportive friends and family.  Today was my baby shower #2... at my parents home, with some close friends and of course my small little family ( some far away but still sending all sorts of encouraging 
words and goodies for baby).  

It was soooo unbelievably nice to see some familiar faces of close friends and to spend time catching up- talking about how much life has changed for all of us.  Its funny how much even just a few hours with a close friend can rekindle and refresh your soul.  We take for granted the days where we do nothing but hang out with out friends, talk for hours on the phone, and lay around and laugh like fools ( guess I'm having a little moment of reminiscing about the teenage years... bear with me)...Then we get jobs and partners, houses, and children, and priorities and responsibilities... people move away and it takes much more effort to keep those friendships alive.  Although I feel sad lots of the time because I don't see those close friends in my life nearly as much as I like-- I feel so blessed that when we do see each other... its like even though all the time has passed ( and we might need to do some catching up on the details), all the love, closeness and caring is still there like no time has even passed at since the days I used to run my parents phone bill through the roof ( and liquor cabinet into the ground).  I really like my friends. They're pretty great. 
Since this is turning into a little friend rant-- I feel like I need to keep going a little more. Lately I feel like I have heard a lot of people complaining about how many friends you lose when you get pregnant-- the classic saying " You really find out who your friends are..."
I feel like I can say I have had the opposite experience- even though I am living away from all of "friends from home".  When I do come home from the "island", my friends always seem to make an effort to work their prego friend into their schedules, and listen to me in various states of hormonal bliss or rage. I still get long distance "check up " phone calls from friends moved far away, and encouraging little messages just when I seem to be building up anxiety about this upcoming stage of life.  The majority of my close friends at home have already experienced motherhood and lots of its ups and downs--- and are welcoming me to the mommy club with big smiles and lots of pep talks ( even though I was probably that annoying friend begging them to just "find a sitter and come out" at one time).
Life on the island... well let me tell you... for only living there and being around for such a short time- I have blessed with an amazing little circle of supportive friends that I know will be "lifers" to add to the mix. Not once have I felt excluded because of being pregnant... and in fact, I have had a pretty fantastic social life, filled with lots of heart to heart chats, day adventures, hikes, evening outings... and all the help anyone could ever ask for preparing for the baby. Its crazy how quickly some people come into your life... and even though you down have all those years of history behind you---the friendships can be just as close as ones that have. 
Ahh... and family... well I cant even go there right now because this will go on forever. I'm spoiled to have such an amazing immediate and extended family that do anything and everything to make sure that we are taken care of and happy.
Sometimes we just need to take a moment to think about how lucky we are. I guess I just took that moment....

I think I'll finish my thought-interrupted post about baby showers tomorrow morning-- and go to sleep with a smile right now.

...... little baby.... I sure hope you don't get mommy's ADHD

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