Thursday, 20 September 2012


It is approximately 3 am, and I think I have awaken with my very first real case of nesting.
I woke after dreaming all night ( the last 4 hrs) of talking to people about the baby, "being ready", and scrambling around to prepare. So when I opened my eyes- I was feeling pretty exhausted.
... And then my brain officially turned on. As I lay in my bed, trying to get back to sleep..I started thinking about packing the hospital bag, and how I needed to do laundry to wash some of the cutesie outfits little bean has received. Tossing and turning a little more, trying to get back to sleep... And it seems I have woken someone inside.
So off to the bathroom, for a late night bladder empty, a quick check for stretch marks, cream application, a few yoga stretches..... And then I find myself down the hall in the baby's room--- frantically going through newborn/ 3 month clothes searching for a perfect outfit.
Next thing I know, I'm looking for accessories and socks and shoes... Ahhh ... Do newborns even need that? Well I will pack some anyways.
I find myself ripping apart my newly received diaper bag for the first time.... Hmm... Now what are all these compartments for... Diapers, I know I can easily pack some diapers.
Going through some more bags and drawers, the next thing I stumble upon in an unopened container of " nipple cream".... Shoot... I haven't started using that either.... Better slop some on now, just to be safe.
Oh dear... Look at all of these decorations and fixtures I have yet to put up... Soon enough I am walking around the room, pacing and testing placement of pictures ect.
Since it is 3 am, and my brain is working in a less than semi-functional mode... I decide to stop... Sit on the floor and just start folding receiving blankets to sooth my anxious mind... Unaware of how bizarre my actions are. Until--- I'm busted!
First it's by the dog, whom is now giving me the same puzzled look I gave her when she was hastily pawing up blankets in the days leading up to the birth of her puppies.
And then I see Rob standing in the doorway- staring at me all squinty eyed- to which I replied in a half embarrassed voice, a simple--- " can't sleep, haha"
I hadn't actually gotten any further in packing a hospital bag then when I waltzed into the room 45 minutes ago.
Just kind of made a little organized mess.
So I grabbed my pregnancy wedge pillow, (hmm, which might be why I walked into the room in the first place) decided to save this task for daylight hours and made my way back towards my bed.
( of course- stopping to write this short and probably poorly written post)

So I guess this is a little bit of the nesting feeling kicking in.

Scared silly soon to be new mom = 0
Motherly instinct= 1

Time for some more interrupted sleep- night night!

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