Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Halloween to Remember

It was a dark and stormy Halloween night....
When the most beautiful little miracle came crashing into our world, barrels of thunder rolling in behind her.
She had finally arrived.

I'm not sure if this will end this blog- however it is definetly the end to a wonderful pregnancy and the starting of a new life. It actually- to my surprise -doesn't feel like "my old" life has ended anymore- but that it just got better... And soooo full of love

First I'll apologize if this seems a little broken, I've been writing little pieces here and there when I get a chance.. Mostly falling asleep, or getting distracted by new mom duties everytime I try to write... But here it goes...

Monday, October 29th started out just like a regular day. Like any overdue pregnant women- I was booked in for my 41 weeks fetal assessment appointment, basically to ensure my little one was healthy and that we had a plan to schedule induction should things not progress naturally on their own.
To our delight, everything with baby appeared healthy and normal... She was just a little too comfortable and taking her time coming out.
Induction was being booked for later in the week and I was having a small meltdown to Rob over my anxiety and disappointment ( of induction) as we waited to meet with the obgyn on call.
She arrived, chatted with us about what to expect did her exam. Since I was also so anxious about induction- she offered one other option to "try"before sending me home. A membrane sweep ( basically just "roughs things up" down there- separating your amniotic sac from the cervix- in efforts to stimulate hormones which can stimulate labor) .
I believe her selling line was- it has about a 25% chance of doing something- those who don't like pain opt out ( it's a "little" uncomfortable), and those who don't want induction opt in to give it a try. Sold. Surely it couldn't hurt as much as labor/ delivery .. And that was right around the corner, so might as well toughen up and give it a try!
10 seconds later, she was finished, and we were off... With strict instructions to go home and do what brought us here in the first place ;) .... Of course we had to listen to doctors advice ( hmm, to make this parent appropriate....)
... Like I said- we enjoyed a wonderful date night night - complete with dinner, dog sitters, and a nice big hotel room suite- complete with jacuzzi tub and a few other secret weapons. Needless to say- about an hour after heading to bed for the night- we were soon headed for our first adventure to labour and delivery - with regular contractions!

But as many first time moms experience- things were not progressing very quickly, although the contractions were still quite regular. ( what the heck-I have to go home like this? )... And we were told it could last for days- and the "cramping"/ contractions were likely from the membrane sweep. I kept to myself that we had basically repeated the procedure a few hours earlier, haha. Sorry Dad.
Anyways, to make a long labor story short- I was on my way back to the hospital later that next afternoon, as my mother forbid me to stay home any longer once my contractions were about 4 minutes apart...

From the time I was wheeled upstairs, until the birth of our little girl... I couldn't have asked for a better labor. I had amazing nurses and doctors, who gave me their undivided attention, kept me informed of my options at all times, and did their best to allow me to have the birth experience I wanted (the less interventions the better).
Since I was the only patient in labor and delivery that stormy night, I was treated to 2 birthing suites. It was wonderful. One room was completely set up to get me in "the zone"... Focused and relaxed all at once... A dimly lit tub room, with a mellowed out playlist on a nearby laptop ( thanks sis), birthing ball and even a hoop. I'm sure I must have spent almost 6hrs straight in the tub, and would definetly recommend it to any laboring mom!
I also was fortunate enough to have the 2 best labor coaches by my side. Attentive and understanding, and extremely encouraging; My mom & Robby...each having a very special role, I'm so thankful for them both. They seemed to know just what to say, ( or not say), rubbed my back or swayed with me, timed my contractions for hours, and didnt get offended when i needed immediate isolation from touch and talking during each contraction.
And during those last few moments of pushing- just hearing their voices and seeing their faces, was the comfort I needed at the time.
I always knew my mother would be someone I took look to for support during that time, after all she did do it a few times herself. I wasn't quite sure how Rob would handle it ( especially since we had joked of all the unfortunate scenarios for months--- fainting, puking, being grossed out, ect)... Wow- was I ever surprised at his all-star performance - what every person hopes their partner is like in the delivery room. That night I fell even more in love with him- and i think we both got to see a new side to each other. (Mush mush mush... Sorry.. The whole thing was a little intense. Scratch that - THE most intense moments of my life without a doubt).

Continuing on... Haha... If you don't want any more details than just skip this paragraph... Basically, after my water was broke, things progressed quickly ( in my mind- although it was possibly hours?), the contractions got stronger and much closer together, and it became clear that she was well on her way. Before I knew it- the nurses were prepping my " other room" ( the one being used for exams and such), testing equipment, turning on bright lights, and prepping for delivery. That would be the moment it became "real" to me...
I opted for some pain medication at about 7-8cm dilated ( quick acting fentanyl ) which didn't seem to do much for the pain/pressure but may have helped take the edge off. That and a little bit of laughing gas in the final moments before and in between pushes... It was just right for me.
I could still feel everything, but it helped me control my breathing and pushing. We had a bit of a scare, when we heard those dreaded words " the cord is around her neck".. ( gulp), but with direction from my doctor, was able to control when, where and how to push so that they could do the interventions they needed quickly. Talk about a brief moment of panic ( luckily it was quickly resolved).

And then came the birth of our baby girl. How can I even begin to describe those moments. It's like the biggest adrenaline rush of your life- mixed with an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness- and the sense that you have just accomplished the most important task ever, survived, and created the most beautiful being you have ever seen. But even that description doesn't do it justice. It really does seem like a miracle... A little life created and finally introduced to the world... All because of two people.

She was finally here... It seemed like forever before she cried to me, but I think that's only because it was the only thing I was waiting to hear. There she was, Perfect and healthy and worth every moment on this little journey. She was unbelievably alert- eyes wide open.. And just seemed to be taking it all in. My heart opened in a way I didn't even realize was possible (... And now I understand that parents don't just say those things because they have to... It's really true)... In that moment we became a little family, and I knew I would do my best to give her the best life I could, even with all my new mom jitters... Because that had just became my most important job in this world.

Welcome to this world little miss Oaklee Capri Munro Russell.... We love you sooo much!

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  1. And still so in love. I think you should keep the blog going sis. The journey has only really just begun. Love you so much!