Saturday, 6 October 2012

Puppy love

Anyone that knows us- knows that although we don't have children already- we definetly have two "fur babies", that occupy a lot of our time, energy, and couch space. ( I know some people are shaking their heads right now--- sorry they like to couch snuggle too).
Daisy ( the mama) and Banjo ( our clumsy horse like puppy), both look intimidating at first glance...but are like gentle giants once you get to know them. And they are verrrrry loving... Actually--borderline needy attention hoarders. Which has always been sort of cute....but we all might in for a big shock soon. Well.... One of them may know something is up....

Mama Daisy has been acting very strange and seems to have a pretty good idea there is a big change coming.
We often find her in the nursery lying on the floor in front of the crib by herself. That was a room she never seemed to bother with at all up until a few weeks ago, and now it's one she is very partial too. She is usually laying in the doorway whenever I get the urge to put away clothes or ( as you know), get into a midnight nesting fit.
Also, she makes a point to lay her big head on my big belly at every opportunity ( where as before she was content at my feet). And when the baby decides to give a little kick to her chops, she starts in a sniffing frenzy looking for the culprit ( quite comical).
Out and around, she is notably more protective of me. Often creating a little shield in front of me, when her puppies are playing and not watching where they are running.
She stares at me a lot ( wow that makes me sound a little paranoid).... But it just makes me wonder if she is more in tune with things than we think.

I wonder if part of her motherly instinct , is letting her know that I will soon too have a baby and be a mother.
9 months ago when she was having her litter of 11 puppies... I was by her side every step of the way. I used to lay with her for as long as she would tolerate- with my hands on her belly- feeling the constant kicking---- in awe.
And during her "labour and delivery"... I played the role of doggie doula.
And know in some strange way- her acting so wise and intuitive gives me a little bit of comfort. Maybe that's her plan ( after all, animals are much smarter than we think).

Meanwhile- Banjo has no clue. He is more concerned with clumsily trying to function in his quickly growing body which is much to big for him, getting his belly rubbed and treats. He's a little special- a big sook- and used to being the baby.

( at least for he next two weeks)

I think that as silly as it sounds, turning our pets back into pets instead of makeshift children, might be a bit of a challenge. I'm worried that they will feel neglected or not as loved...and it's hard to picture them taking a back seat for a while or forever for that matter.

Hopefully everything works out, and they will be gentle and understanding big brother / big sister pups...
If not--- I'm going to have to pull some strings and try to get Ceasar ( for all you non dog geeks- he's the dog whisperer) to come for a little visit.

Time to take the clan for a walk! Adios!
Sincerely yours,
Crazy dog lady

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