Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sitting, waiting, ranting

Well half way through 38 weeks, and I have finally planted my roots on "the mainland". This is mainly to avoid any sort of birthing experience that will involve emergency deliveries, plane rides, the entire hospital staff ( aka: my coworkers) in one cramped outpatient room taking turns listening to me scream and poking at my vag.

On thanksgivings, I packed my bags and two dogs and came to my parents house for dinner,knowing that if I was a compliant patient ( which nurses never seem to be), I would just stay until all of the magic happens. I figured that bringing the dogs would give me something to do, and let Rob work without having to worry about them. I also figured that it would be a good time to fit in some visits with friends and " take it easy".
Wow- these last 3 days have literally crawled by... Probably slower than the last month. Saying I've been bored is an understatement! Most of my friends are either working through the week or in school mon- fri, so that leaves my days pretty open for ... Activities which I haven't figured out yet. A pregnant girl can only take two big dogs for so many walks in a day. I suppose I could watch bad daytime tv or read or learn how to knit or something... But none of that really interests me at the moment. I still find myself getting this odd nesting urge to be home and tinker with random things around the house, tidy and organize things, walk the empty beaches, and spend some quality time with my man before the baby comes.
I love my family, but it's hard to be so idle and away from my new home... Especially since no one has the slightest clue when this big event will take place! It could be days or weeks... What's that old saying? A watched pot never boils? Exactly what I'm feeling- and since I'm in no real rush... It's kinda messing with my head! Haha

So... I'm sure that after my next doctors appointment- I will venture back to the island for a visit ( weather permitting) , even if it's just for the day. Staying away is harder than you think!

I guess I'll chat about one more thing, since a lot of people don't quite understand why I can't have my baby at the small hospital on the island.
The truth is- technically I can, and many people have before. However it is defiently not the ideal situation. I find that even many people who live on the island don't fully understand why.
Birthing is a natural process which our body is designed to do and usually does it quite well, and ideally would be wonderful if all we needed was someone to facilitate it all happening smoothly, whether that be a doctor or a midwife or even a nurse specialized in labour and delivery.It' thought of as a happy time... A miracle... And one with a big reward ( a new baby ) at the end.
However, if something starts to go wrong or if mom or baby become distressed and in danger- you need to have access to immediate interventions, possibly an OR, specialized equipment, and staff specializing in that area.
Access- unfortunately- is something that a small rural hospital- especially one in the middle of the ocean- does not have.
When you throw weather into the mix, all you can do is hope that it would cooperate enough to allow for an emergency team to fly on or off the island, that a plane is available , ect, and that there are no other serious emergencies that come through the door putting extra demands on an already small staff....
That's probably all I am allowed to get into since technically I am an employee - so ill stop there I guess.
It just seems to baffle me when people in the community ask me if I will have the baby at " the hospital" or on the mainland. And then I am told stories of this person and that person who gave birth on the island, in an ambulance or a plane and did "just fine"...
... Maybe it's because I've worked a bit in neonatal and heard plenty of stories in hospital of births that did not happen as planned and had the proper resources not been available, would not have had such a happy ending....
Or it could be the hormones.... But I just want to scream when I hear people suggest an island birth.
People have been lucky and blessed that they have had uncomplicated and natural births. Heck- that's what I want too! :) But if someone doesn't happen according to plan.... It will make headlines and be tragic. I sure don't want to take that risk on myself and especially my new baby.
If you were to show up to the regional hospital in labour- you are immediately rushed up to labour and delivery floor- not the emergency department--- for the same reasons. ER is not the ideal place for a birth! So there you have it... My explanation- that sort of might sound like a rant.. All part of living on a beautiful maritime island. And don't get me wrong... It's impossible(and frustrating) to predict when you should leave, I'm just fortunate enough to have my parents house to take over.
I would much rather have that moment of rolling over in bed, nudging Robby, and saying " it's time"! ... And heading to the hospital together in rushed anticipation ( just like in all the movies).

I guess you take what you can get. Hopefully for us- that's good cell phone/ radio reception when he is out fishing- so he can get here in time ;) and use all those labour support skills he's been reading up on ;)
Maybe that's why people tend to lean towards induction. It's a little more predictable. But still not on my list of things to do....

Here's hoping that I don't go into labour on he ferry on my day trip visit... Especially after stating all the reasons why I should stay away!
Like I said- nurses make the worst patients---- hmmm...
Maybe I'll just get Robby to come visit me instead.

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