Saturday, 23 June 2012

Baby Post Back-log

So since I'm pregnant I get to use the excuse of being tired of unmotivated right??  haha..
Sorry- I'm going back to my 1st trimester ways and telling a bit of a lie there... but it would have been pretty believable probably. Since I've turned a new leaf with being truthful about this whole experience back at the 16 week mark I might as well cut the act.
I have been away from the computer doing... well... everything I finally have this new found energy for. This has entailed lots of hiking with friends, painting the nursery, a little bit of gardening ( yes that just came out of my mouth), lots of back to back 12hr shifts ( days and nights) on both the island and the city, trips to the beach, running with the dogs, occasional sober driving and weekend socialising.... and lets not forget those exhilarating prenatal visits... haha.... Oh- and hours of baby name searching in all my spare time...
All in all.... its been a great and busy couple of weeks.  I am still struggling to get used to this growing body--- ( it really just keeps getting bigger!!)-- but these past few weeks I've been doing a bit better at embracing the bulge ;)

Here's a little view of me today- at 23 weeks
Just before heading to work

It seems to be a little bit of a different shape-- even since last night... and hard like a little soccer ball!

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