Friday, 29 June 2012

Sneak peaks- It's a girl!

This will probably be a short post about a very special day.
Today was our 3d ultrasound.....
Yes- I know... I would have been the first one to tell you ( pre-pregnancy) that those ultrasounds are ultra-creepy. You can see all the fine and not yet fully formed details of you growing baby- and you will be meeting them soon anyways- so whats the point?! Besides they always seem to resemble at little E.T.
Haha... I caved... and oh how my tune has changed.... and I absolutely LOVED every minute!!
True- it may still be slightly creepy taking such a close look into the womb early on..... but it is amazing. It's entrancing and its a beautiful experience. I've actually just spent the last 2 hours re-watching the dvd we took home. Scrutinizing every face and spontaneous movement. Laughing at the little yawns, unintentional smiles and scowls... and those chubby little cheeks.
I've been looking at baby in a new light.
As our baby girl!
That is correct.... it has been confirmed and I have video evidence of little girl parts. I feel like I can finally start to plan a little more now!
Watching her squirm around on screen was a little emotional. So real.  And of course, being a nurse.... I was analazing features to ensure the look of a healthy babe ( ear and eye placement, formed lips ect). Thankfully, paranoia was fleeting, and I began to really relax and enjoy the show.
The nurse doing the ultrasound told us she had very dainty features... and that she had set a record for changing positions ( in and out of breach 3 times)....
So bizarre that we have the technology to do this...
So wonderful....
Sooooooo in love.

Now as I sit here and feel her kicks, I am picturing her as she was in the ultrasound, cuddling up, making faces and definetly looking more and more like a real baby everyday.

Guess its just about time to start shopping! I can't wait to put a frilly headband around that head of hair!

First look at our baby girl!

Pointing ( aka attempting a peace sign haha)

Covering up


Squinting and making faces

Sooo much hair already!


Cuddled up in a ball

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  1. oh my goodnesses! shes already so freakin adorable. you actually did mention to me how creepy these are but when the baby is one you cant wait to meet..i gotta admit, its pretty cool! so excited for you!