Saturday, 2 June 2012

Whose body?

Today I am officially 20 weeks pregnant. That means that half of this pregnancy is over! How crazy is that.
Everyday I wake up feeling a little bit bigger ( but almost not big enough at the same time) and I look at my changing body like its the first time I've seen it. Sure... it doesn't look all that different to everyone else.. but to me... it's constantly changing.
It's those strange little things that I really notice.
For instance, if I try to lay my head on the table ( I do this often when I write or am trying to catch some zzz's on the ferry).. I can feel my abdomen lay on the tops of my thighs.
Sneezing- how come no one warned me of the dangers of sneezing while pregnant ( no-- I don't pee myself.... yet)... but if I sneeze when my legs are our straight or if I am laying down... I get the most bizarre- make you cringe- sensations in my stomach. Its like every time I sneeze I pull my stomach muscles and the baby gets all twisted up. Like I said... strange.
Also- leg cramping. Oh how I used to love stretching out as tall as I could every morning before jumping out of bed! Not anymore. If I stretch out like that now, it does not end in a cute little sigh... but instead violent silent screaming due to bilateral "charlie-horses" in my pudgy little calf muscles. Most mornings I forget and continue to attempt the full  body stretch.... eventually I'll learn.
My belly looks unrecognisable to me when I catch a glance in the mirror. But I think I am still in the awkward- just past bloated-stage. I  find it strange that there is a baby the size of a small cantaloupe hiding under there and most people tell me I don't look 5 mths pregnant, but I sure do feel it! Sometimes I wish it looked a little more like a plump little pregnant belly, but I'm sure it will come.  I don't really mind the belly- and am getting quite attached to it. I also feel like my sides are starting to widen to make room for everything... which gives a completely new shape I am not used to just yet.
And my "inny" belly-button... has turned into an "inbetweeny"... I think its just a matter of time before it is inside out because sometimes it aches. haha... Its odd staring at the center of your umbilicus- when it feels like you have never seen it before.
The bladder issue- well I won't waste anymore time than I already do on this. But it seems all I have to do is look at a glass of water and I'm running for the bathroom. Our 4 mth old puppy can officially hold his pee longer than I can.
There are definitely perks though!
Going up a jean size... not so fun..... going up a bra size for the first time since middle school?! Bring it on!
I love these new "perks". I actually have a decent amount of cleavage, fill out all my bras and don't have to worry about being called "boards" by my high school friends anymore ( at least for another 4 mths ) :) Its fantastic. I don't think Rob minds either.
My hair and nails seem to be growing at light speed... and I don't shed nearly as much. It seems its growing in lighter than usual as well ( or it could just be my long lost natural color finally making an appearance after 12 years of haircolor).

So lots of little weird changes for me... just a little bit of belly to everyone else.
I hope this doesn't sound like complaining... because despite all of these changes my body is going through... I actually feel great.
I rarely get sick and finally have energy to exercise, hang out with friends, do yoga, hooping and endure multiple 12 hr shifts again.
2nd trimester has been kind so far... let's see what the next few weeks bring...

Moi- At 20 weeks!

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