Saturday, 26 May 2012


We did it! We made a healthy and growing baby!! Looks as though all of those fears and anxieties can be pushed away for another day ...( maybe labour and delivery)

This is our little peanut! And just as I thought... decided to keep the legs crossed ( pretty lady like I think)... and the ultrasound tech said that their were no "boy parts"... So it looks like they are guessing she is a little GIRL!  She was kicking around like crazy and even threw up a couple waves ( no peace sign just yet)

There are those little feet that have been giving me little jabs all day!
A friend (who has been there once before) told me to eat some peanut butter before I went in for the ultrasound, and it would make her move around a lot! Well, it must have worked! She looked like she was doing the running man in her little amniotic ocean.

Check out the little alien looking profile ( once again- sorry baby)! Staring straight at us!

It was pretty amazing, and something incredibly special to experience together. We both had ear to ear smiles watching her wiggle around on the screen..looking at all of her tiny little bones, and organs.

I still can't believe what is going on inside my body...crazy little miracle.  

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