Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Its really amazing how many "mothers" I have spoken to about pregnancy, labour and parenting over the past few days. Sometimes I  forget that almost every women who has children, has had similar experiences with morning sickness, hormones, body image, acceptance, and all of the the other million thoughts that run through your head. .. Women really have been doing this... forever. Just not me.
All of a sudden everyone wants to tell me all about their pregnancies and deliveries... right down to every last graphic detail. Every mom that shares their story also does it with the same excited glow... like they are reliving that moment in their life. Sound interesting to you? Well unless you are ALSO pregnant... probably not.
But me? I am all of a sudden very intrigued by all of the juicy gestational gossip. In fact, I quite enjoy hearing everyones story. Its a tad overwhelming... but comforting and enjoyable none the less.
You had how many stitches??!... Well- maybe I don't enjoy hearing that.
So it feels like I have been vitoed in to the motherhood club... or at the the pregnancy club.  It has definitely opened me up to a world of conversations and getting to know people in a way I probably wouldn't have before... which is something that I really appreciate. Everyone is also really excited to share all of the their pregnancy literature, secret remedies, and old baby paraphernalia--- its fantastic. Long gone are the days of taking a 2 hr trip just to purchase a prego magazine- I have a large enough stash to get me through the next 5 mths and more! ( the things that excite me now.. oh dear  ... does this mean that eventually most of my facebook status updates will revolve around first words, spit-up, cute pictures and potty training? ).... noooooo!  haha

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