Monday, 14 May 2012

Girl or Boy?

Well, the end of this week cannot come quick enough.... forget the new job orientation I am going to start tomorrow... what I'm really excited for comes on Friday. Our 18 week ultrasound.  I love surprises! but I am also a recovering "peeker" about to relapse. Peekers love being surprised... but if they find out one is coming their way-- it is next to impossible not to explore it just a "little" bit more due to the excitement. So, as you probably gathered... we definitely want to find out the sex of the baby.  I know that baby will also need to cooperate- so hopefully it hasn't picked up either of its parents suborn traits just yet.

We have both said the moment that we found out, that we felt we were having a baby girl. I feel like I am having a girl. But as cliche as it sounds... all we really want is a healthy baby ( hmm... I think I finally really understand why everyone always says that..its weird how much you worry about the little being already)

According to the Chinese gender predictor chart- I am lined up for a girl. 27 years old, conceived in January ( what?... it was a long winter.. what else do you do on a snow day) .
We figure that if there are any cultures that have worked out how to predict the sex of the baby... the Chinese are probably a pretty good bet ( no need to get into controversial political discussion here though).. So with years of ancient wisdom behind it, the chart has proved right for almost everyone in our families that we tested the theory on.... Guess we will see!
Oh... and of course we tried the needle on thread trick. The result? You guessed it. Giant circles- which apparently also points to a baby girl.
Either way...A little girl or a little boy with be equally as special!~ I think we will both just be a little more surprised if it is a boy, after all of our scientific gender research we have been conducting around the house.
Hurry up Friday!

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