Monday, 21 May 2012

Falling slowly...

And now to a more serious post...

Friday morning started out like any other work day. Robby (oh- that's my man by the way) began his day hours before sunlight... leaving myself and the dogs to sleep in until my alarm starts screaming and sends all of our bladders into urgent chaos.  I run around getting myself ready for work, probably a little too quickly ( having taken every last minute to sleep in).. I usually run outside in my underwear or pjs, hiding under one of Rob's giant coats or sweaters, so that the dog and puppy can do their business... but today I didn't quite make it outside.

I'm still not exactly sure how it happened but somehow I managed to fall down every stair ( there are only 4 - but it felt like 20) from my kitchen to my entry way. And I fell hard. Luckily mostly on my left butt cheek- ending up in a heap lying on my side. I was completely stunned, had the wind knocked out of me and soon started to frantically worry that I had not only hurt myself, but my baby.  Hormones, pain, and wimpiness elicited a flood of tears and crying that would scared anyone who witnessed my short tumble.

 It just so happens that the only witnesses were the dogs.. and their reaction was to crawl all over me and lick my face, which was not what I needed at that time. Especially since I didn't actually make it to the door to let the puppy out to pee, and in all of the "excitement".... well I think you know what I'm about to say. So there I lay,  at the bottom of the stairs, crying in my underwear, covered in puppy pee, terrified that my clumsiness had just done something horrible... 10 minutes before leaving for work. Not a great way to start your day.

I pulled myself together as much as possible and called the hospital to let one of my co-workers know that I would be coming up shortly for a check-up. I knew that until I heard that little heartbeat trucking along- I would be an anxious mess.

To make a long story short-- it was more of a scare than anything else. The doctors and nurses were fantastic and understood my anxiety. Luckily it was just a few soft tissue injuries. I bruised my bottom and pulled a few muscles in my back and stomach, but it seemed everything with baby was fine. Thank goodness.

Its strange how  in those moments, nothing else mattered except knowing that our little creation was okay. That's a big change from how I felt when I first saw those 2 bright lines in February. ( I feel like that last sentence is one that this future child may misinterpret as a teen... so hopefully this blog is long gone by then)...But I felt another dose of motherly instinct. I just wanted to protect... and wished I could peek inside and say I`m sorry... and that I hope everything is ok because I already love you.
Lessons learned... hold onto the railings when going down stairs... stop being so klutzy... and think about what you do in your underwear. There`s a little human in there!
And to any of my friends and family... I`m sorry that you will be getting frequent glimpses of my left cheek... but I have never had such a whomping bruise in my life! They say you loose all your modesty in pregnancy anyways......

of course... pictures to come soon..

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