Monday, 21 May 2012

Catching Up

Well its been a busy week, full of ups and downs ( quite literally actually)... I feel like I have been thinking of little posts all along during different times this week- so what I am about to do is a few mini-posts.. in chronological order of things that occurred.

To follow up from the last post-- excitement of finding out boy or girl? Well that didn't happen for a couple of reasons. You see, dad-to-be is a fisherman. This means that almost every aspect of our lives is dependent on the weather, providing no "set schedule" at any time. If the wind changes- so do our plans... sounds a little tricky-- but I'm getting used to it. 
Well-- the wind changed-- and instead of making the trip to the city to meet me for our much anticipated ultrasound, another workday on the water was soon to take its place ( with only 5 weeks left of spring fishing--- missing one good day on the water is a major no-no).  But since this ultrasound is special... not going together is also a major no-no.
Because I had just finished some orientation at the same hospital, it was easy for me to pull some strings to change my apt to a day earlier so that "daddy" could be there. But then the ultrasound tech informed me that my doc had scheduled my appointment a little too early... so it would be best to wait a week and come back.
Ahhh... it seems soo far away. I can't stand waiting! I just want to see a little profile staring at the screen. PATIENCE...
So back to the Island I came... with 2 ultrasound appointments booked instead of one ... just in case the weather decides to play games again.

Oh life with a Lobsterman ;) I have always loved this song.. especially the first part... haha

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