Tuesday, 1 May 2012


So my Gremlin is getting insanely out of control. What is the Gremlin you ask? Well it is a very noisy monster that has taken up residence somewhere between my esophagus, diaphragm and stomach... (just a nasty little hernia with a pet name). Usually he doesn't bother me unless I decide to turn upside down after a big meal ... but not lately. The Gremlin must sense something else taking up residence in my body and is obviously having a hissy fit... resulting in uncontrollable, extremely unsexy, loud, exorcist like, gasping hiccup/beltches.....Frequently. Its embarrassing.
It can strike at any time. In the middle of triaging a patient; while everyone is eating dinner; walking down the hallway, standing in line at the grocery store.... during "intimate" moments. It has no shame.
Fancy clothes & a dinner date doesn't intimate the ugly Gremlin.
I am becoming a walking billboard for the saying " You can dress her up.. but can't take her out".  Ahhheeeggghhhkk! .....haha...excuse me!

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