Sunday, 6 May 2012

Out of Hiding

So after another night out with friends, sipping on water and trying not to let my belly hang out... We thought it was finally time to come out of hiding.  I knew after last night... Filling my glass with water every time I hit the bathroom( which was close to 10 times in just 2 hrs), and subtley trying to unsnap the top button of my jeans while dancing away to the music.....that I had reached my secretive limit.
After all, at 16 weeks, its getting a little tricky to deny....
With some inspiration from pinterest, we posted a quick picture to Facebook that spoke for itself.... And so far has had really good results at spreading the word... Without using any ;)

1 comment:

  1. good thing some of your friends are alcoholics who don't even notice the fake drinking and trips to the bathroom. otherwise, you might have been busted by me.. but probably not! im easily fooled. either way, im happy the cats outta the bag!! congrats and i LOVE the blog(just read the whole thing hehe). xx