Sunday, 13 May 2012


I think I may have finally actually felt some legit movement in my womb. I've heard it described as butterflies by or flutters but any sort of " butterflies/flutters" I have felt in the past have usually been the result of gases mixing in my intestines, with a rather predictable and less than ladylike outcome. Not this time... I think I actually have experience my first bout of flutters... otherwise known in the medical world as quickening.

It all happened ( of course) in the midst of morning rounds while I was working a shift at the hospital. The doctors and I were in a very serious conversion regarding end of life care and other important patient related information, when all of a sudden... I felt a quick foreign sensation in my lower abdomen.  "Oh my god!", I exclaimed in a loud, surprised voice, with one hand on my belly. (For any of you who are familiar with working in a hospital... anyone shouting anything-- especially in a loud, surprised tone... will turn the heads of anyone in the vicinity.) Both male doctors stared at me wide-eyed for what would come next...
"I think I just felt something move in my belly"!? ...Smiling ear to ear, half questioning if it could be true.
Of course after that I had a little explaining to do so that they would understand that I was in fact "alright', and it was just the first time I had experienced such a thing.... hence the disregard for the conversations and world around me for that brief moment in time.
I tried to shake it off and just get back to serious-faced business as usual. ummm.. Impossible. As I went about my day, anytime I had a spare moment... I found myself waiting, concentrating, and smiling to myself.. hoping what I felt was real. and that the feeling would come back again. Actually, I still find myself doing it multiple times throughout the day.
Although it was a slightly awkward situation and probably less then perfect timing for my little roo to test out the karate chop... it was magical.
I'm getting excited to see our next ultrasound, and praying that we will get good news of a healthy, growing baby. And I'm also hoping that they send out a little wave! or maybe even a little peace sign ;) for the  camera.