Sunday, 10 June 2012


I just had an interesting thought...
Blogging is something I've always wanted to do in some form or another. Usually, I went with the old fashioned less public blog, known as a diary, but blogging is a whole other world.
The question I am laying here asking myself.. is Why now? I have had a pretty interesting, adventure filled life... jam packed with one of a kind experiences, lots of travel, an abundance of hilarity. I have actually made it into two books that other people wrote and published.... but I have never wrote about the juicy, life changing experiences that I've had. Instead I choose a time when all I can do is write about my 101 issues with pregnancy, settling down and being normal. Am I really just now realising that is bizarre?
Maybe all that adventure felt normal.... and this is the really the most foreign I have felt in my own skin.. ..maybe ever.

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