Wednesday, 11 April 2012


For the past couple of weeks I've been having the strangest dreams, all involving babies and fetus's. The running theme is that I am the one left to care for these strange unclaimed babies. Last night was a random baby I found at disney world, the night before, I was the sole provider for all of the forgottten fetus's that didn't reach full term, and before that, I vividly dreamed that I took a "magic school bus" like tour inside the womb-- where I found myself hand in hand with a baby, swimming though a vast ocean of amniotic fluid.
Now-- I want to know what the heck is REALLY in those prenatal vitamins--- because something is making me dream like I'm on a 70's acid trip.
I wonder if its stress or maybe just the early signs of a twisted maternal instinct. Either way, I sort of enjoy them because they are slowing getting me used to the idea of being a mom. Slowly...strangely... but surely... :)

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