Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello hormones

Holy Hormones! All in favour of pregnancy coming with a giant warning above your head say "Ay!"
Really though... its quite something, isn't it. I feel like I went from being an easy going,  laid back passivist to a tri-polar cannon, ready to fire super charged emotions at random, unsuspecting victims.

Take for instance-- the 17yr old boy working at Bell... probably while studying for exams, saving for a new ipod, all while dealing with delayed puberty.  I was late and he tried to fix a problem with my cellphone unsuccessfully. Instead of waiting for the next employee as per usual, calmly and with a smile.... I saw red.. I may have even growled... and stormed out in my loud heels, only to sheepishly come crawling back to the same store 2 minutes later. By then I had snapped back to reality  and like a guilty first grader... I  handed over my phone quietly and waited like normal customer.  Although since I was in a rush.. ( and maybe I can also blame this part on pregnancy)... I walked out without paying for their services, but no one called for me as I scurried away for the second time... probably.. they were too scared to poke the dragon.  Looks like I'll be taking the 20$ out of the karma bank for that one.

But its not all anger and a short fuse.... it would never be that easy . haha... oh no.. Its all about the tears!
I've discovered there is a happy cry, a sad cry, a commercial cry, a clapping cry ( I'll explain that one later).. the so overjoyed I could bust cry, a being in the presence of old people cry, a sympathy cry, a music induced cry, a memory cry, a love cry, even a "these pickles are so delicious"cry... ok- so maybe not the last one... but all the rest- 100% true. Swear.
I must say- the manly, stoic, ultra tough fisherman by my side is coping surprisingly well.  Most of the time he just laughs and shrugs it off ( when he feels it is safe).
Its a little embarrassing... but we have come up with a few solutions around the house. First solution- Extreme Home Makeover, Undercover Boss, 16 and pregnant, Marley and Me, The Notebook... and all shows/movies that fall in that umbrella of sap are off limits, unless they are viewed alone and without mascara. Secondly- Think before you speak... and if that is impossible, count to 10...verrrry slowly. If you want to yell- instead you have to sing your frustrations in an opera voice- then by the time you do- you obviously forget you were upset.  And the best solution ( in his opinion)... working on the shed- transforming the upstairs of the garage into a boy friendly game room, which offers a space to watch sports, swing the hammer around and hang out with friends. Its also the perfect spot for us to duel it out over an intense game of ping pong. See, we can cope like true adults.
Then there's the happy. I don't really notice that one, probably because it feels more normal. However it is noticeable by awkwardly perky humming and singing, dancing around the house and giggling over extremely silly things.
There you have it. Every emotion working X10.. all the time. It makes for an interesting household dynamic. My friends find it funny, my parents probably find it normal ( or at least on par with the teenage years), and my boyfriend... well he's still my boyfriend, so he's tolerating it well. I find it exhausting...It's a little hard to hang out with myself some days, but hey... at least I admit it. ;)
So even if its not with nausea and vomiting, my body and little babe is still very good at reminding us he/she is working overtime, and still growing at super speed.

Every time I hear this song on the radio... I just think about my body working overtime to make this little baby.  No.. sorry.. the randomness/weirdness has nothing to do with being knocked up. Enjoy :)

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