Sunday, 8 April 2012

Healthy Hangover

So my weekend away with the hockey team went well! Hockey was great and the evening out with the girls was full of  great food and lots of laughs.
As I assumed, there was a lot of sneakily dodging celebratory drinks with dinner and even more while we hopped from pub to pub... I must say- I pulled it off without a hitch!

My tactic? Being very indecisive about what I was going to order ( which thankfully is pretty normal for me), so that I could go straight to my server and explain the situation.  All of the servers and bar staff were fantastic, and I always knew they remembered with their quick wink of acknowledgement.... Although I must admit I was a little nervous when my first daiquiri came  with dinner and quickly ran to "the bathroom" ( wink wink) to double check with the waitress that the plan was still in action.

The next obstacle came when a team mate ordered a round of jagerbombs.... ( oh shit-- how am I going to get out of this one ?)... As the waitress passed them to me, I quickly passed them along to the rest of the girls... then she passed another to me, and whispered... "this ones for you". Now, I'm no lush-- but I can definitely sniff out a shot of jager ( especially with my new found super-sense)... I immediately knew that I in fact did not have jager... but instead a small shot glass of pepsi.  I was amazed at my waitresses sneaky behaviour! wow.. maybe she was pregnant too. haha.  The redbull? she had that covered too... and switched it out with gingerale. Brilliant. Thank you Jesus.  I was so impressed and excited about the questions I had just dodged once again... that I almost forgot to make a face after I gulped it down.

The rest of the night was easy. I sipped on lemon water all night ( well over my 8 glasses), danced and laughed and had a great time. Wow... and all of these years I thought I needed a drink to hit the dance floor?! Maybe, I was just naturally fun?! I did not feel like an awkward teenager, as I had anticipated. At the end of the night my make up still looked good, I had my purse and both of my shoes, I was able to bypass the greasy hot dog stand, I had money in my pocket and memories of all the hilarious conversations we had. Thanks Baby... you are teaching me things already.

One downfall? The bloat. If I didn't look pregnant at the first of the night, I sure as heck did now. I'm guessing that the double supper and appetisers, mixed with the umpteen waters with excessive lemon and lime, followed by a healthy dose of dancing, was just enough to create a volcano like atmosphere in my gut.
I woke at about 330 am with violent gas pains and a lovely greeting from my old friend- nausea. So I grabbed a pillow and blanket and slept on the bathroom floor in our hotel room until the gas had "passed", and all of my limbs were numb.
So unfortunately, instead of waking up feeling refreshed and perky. I had the same tired, played out look as the rest of the team. Alas, I had a healthy hangover, uncurable by any assortment of pharmaceuticals ( since they are also on the no- no list). I was spent... from laughing and dancing and indulging on spinach and arichoke dip. Damn you bloat fairy~...  But it was worth every stinkin' toot.
By the time our next hockey season starts, I'll have an infant bundled up in the stands with Nana, cheering us on. Its so hard to picture... but my body keeps reminding me its coming!

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