Friday, 13 April 2012


So I thought that since my first trimester is just about finished, so was my morning sickness and all day nausea. Guess I was wrong! Just as I was about to run out of the house in my nursing uniform at 7am... I felt the overwhelming urge, once again. And as my caring boyfriend was feeding me toast  over the toilet bowl to ease my empty stomach ( or my excessive whining)...  I knew that today was going to be hell. One of those 'I'm fake smiling as I hold back dry heaves during morning report' ' if the cat meow's at me funny I might cry' days.
One of those days that I want to go home and lay on the couch and whine and cuddle up to my mother... because she loves having the oppurtunity to take care of me like I'm 7,  and I love giving it to her .One of those days... that I wish she knew my secret!
My parents are both on a  well-deserved vacation... and just in the past week.. it has been all I can do not to spill the beans in our casual texts from miles and miles away. I desperately want to tell them, especially my mom. Her favorite line when I was growing up and being a rebelious, snotty teenager--- "I can't wait until you have a kid of your own".... well... the waiting is almost over Momma.
All I had to do was think about my Mom today to get teared up. Thinking about how amazing she's been through all of my ups and down's, and how she's given me the world.  I found myself humming a song she used to play, and get all lovey with us kids.... and today it felt so special to me. I wonder if she ever felt all of these wierd pregnant emotions that I am.. my guess is yes... but I can't wait for her to hug me and tell me all about them.

When I was trying to get used to the idea of being pregnant and  actually having a baby, one of the things that gave me comfort and made me feel like it was (somewhat) the right time was the fact that I have both of my parents. Alive, healthy, semi-retired, and loving life. If I was going to have a child at some point- I wanted that child to know their grandparents and be able to enjoy  and  experience what amazing, interesting people they are.  I was fortunate enough to have grandparents in my life- and still feel blessed that my grandmother will know a great-grandchild. How fantastic is that.
( as I write all of this- I am still crossing my fingers that the horrible labour I learned about yesterday will not kill me and that baby will come out healthy and with all of its proper parts so I can get to the loving part).
Wow- I realise as I'm sitting here... sobbing to dumbo, thinking about those who raised me and the plum size human inside me... this post is full of mush... guess its all part of the game.

Sunday ( two days from now...) my parents arrive to their home... hopefully I will get there shortly after... and pull off some sort of announcement. This obviously means that I will NOT be waiting the extra month until Mother's Day. Its just not possible. I hope that my parents are excited for their first grandchild...and that they overlook that minor catholic sin of being unwed. I'm sure that they probably won't be that offended- I always seemed to do things a bit out of order- and it always seems to work out in the end.

Now-- the inspiration for my announcement to my parents:

It not going to be Christmas... so it will be a belated Easter present. Surprise! xo

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  1. Well, you weren't the only one sobbing to dumbo ;) Love you!