Monday, 30 April 2012

Hoop Love

Hooping is something I discovered 3 or so years ago.. and have been fascinated with ever since. I love it.
It calms me and makes me feel alive all at the same time. I don't do it as much as I'd like to and sometimes finding the perfect space to do it can be a little tricky. I don't want to be a professional hulahooper, and I don't do it for attention. I simply love how it makes me feel. Connected to me, and happy. If I can find a beautiful place to run off an spin my hoop around my body-- I get that fresh breath of ahhhhh... right where I imagine my soul would be.
With winter... hooping gets pushed aside usually. Everywheres is too cold or too crowded to get to that spot in my head. But with spring here and the sun shining... its the perfect time.
Being pregnant has also drawn me back to my hoop. It may sound strange, but as the hoop gently spins around my midsection and and around my body, I feel very at peace and connected not just to myself, but to my developing baby. I know that since I have not been doing it very often lately, I'm clumsy and uncoordinated, but pregnant hooping is different. Its soothing. I'm much less self conscious, and truly am enjoying the moment. Just me, baby and hoop.
I hope this inspiration keeps up throughout my pregnancy and even longer. It has so many benefits, body mind and soul. Anything that feels like that has to be good for you.
I have been hooping to all sorts of music, slow and fast. One of my favorites at the moment  is this one :

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