Wednesday, 18 April 2012


So last night was the much anticipated night of "the big reveal" to my unsuspecting parents. Remember that video I posted with the inspiration for telling them. Yah- well in our family- it went nothing like that! In fact, I've considered posting it to youtube and labelling it "Awkward Pregnancy Announcement". 

The afternoon was quite busy, as my accomplice ( aka: little sister), and I drove around the city searching for things to place in the gift bag of "grandparent paraphernalia". We found a "grandma loves me bib", Chicken soup for the Grandparents soul and other grandparent books, and a very appropriate new baby greeting card. I could have shopped for hours more filling the bag with onesies and other cute things, however my sister ensured me that "they would get the hint".... Haha... Thanks sis.
So there we had it. A baby bag full of grandparent appropriate gifts, a card labelled - To Nana and Grandpa
( stating the baby's due date)- all within a giant box of pink and blue and Welcome Baby helium filled balloons. Pretty obvious right? ... Wrong....

After dinner came the long awaited "gifting of the grandchild." I set it up perfectly... they had the big "Easter" present at their feet and were preparing to open it. My stomach was once again, in knots, and my sister had the biggest grin on her face ( perhaps she knew this would soon be hilarious). Hmmm.. moments before the big reveal I thought about two possible reactions; the 27yr old in me... expecting joy and excitement... and the 17yr old me... who expected disappointment and to be sent to my room and grounded. ...

Quick! Snap out of it! They are opening it!
..... annnnd....... nothing! Pure silence... ( wait- this didn't happen on youtube"!... maybe if I just wait for a second..).... still nothing.... ( is that bird's chirping I hear..?).... Hmm... well this is awkward.

As they talked themselves through the gifts they were receiving... read the card aloud... and stared blankly around the room. It was clear that they were in pure disbelief, denial and superb shock. 

After some explaining and convincing that this wasn't some elaborate sick joke, their reaction really was priceless (although not caught on camera).  They both had  glossy, overjoyed, ear to ear smiles. There were hugs and tears and lots of laughter. They both stumbled around giggling in disbelief, recounting the thoughts that were swirling through their minds as the opened their gift.

Their stunned reaction was soon discussed and they lovingly reminded me that I had overlooked one minor detail when planning this surprise.  My history and past track record of being the family prankster.
So when they opened the gift and balloons popped out- with new baby written across everything, they didn't think "new baby".  Instead... they wondered what the catch was.  Was I giving them a puppy? Was this a belated April fools joke? "What the heck is going on"

Needless to say- Although it wasn't the reaction that I had envisioned. It was perfect for my family, and undoubtedly be recounted with laughter many times over the years. Phew.... glad that is over!

And his parents?  Well my wonderful boyfriend is a much more practial, "cut to the chase", laid-back kind of guy. So he went for the unplanned, casual announcement in front of family at dinner. Although it was not video taped or documented quite as well... it was just as special. His family ( although also slightly shocked at first) was excited and happy to be adding a new addition to the family. There were many hugs and congratualtions and I'm sure that the next 6 months will be met with lots of anticipation and support.

It really is true support from family makes the world of difference. Lucky for us, we are surrounded by two of the most caring and supportive family networks that could possibly exist.

........  and hopefully full of LOTS of babysitters! haha...  (come on, you were thinking it too)  ;)

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  1. You forgot to mention Dad's comment that made you cry... "my father never got to meet any of his grandkids" <3