Thursday, 5 April 2012


One of the tricky parts about hiding a pregnancy in the early months... you guessed it... socializing. I guess I never really realized how much my social life revolved around a nice chilled bottle of wine until I had to suddenly scratch it from the list. I'm not joking... even the most laid back monday night activity was usually followed by a glass of the good stuff. And I was usually the one to suggest it.... now I'm throwing in every excuse I can to ward off the prego questions.... I sort of feel like if I don't tell my friends whats up soon they might start to think I am turning into a depressed hermit. ( nope, just a horrible liar)

Here's an example of  a conversation I had last week with a friend
" Hey, after hockey let's go to Emily's "
"Sure, sounds good!"
"It will be fun! We are going to have some beers, eat some fresh steamed clams, and then go jump in the hottub!"
"oh I just remembered I'm on call tonight"

Tomorrow, I'm going on an overnight trip with my (extemely non contact, teddybear league) women's hockey team to our first ever away game! Pretty exciting!  I have one close friend on the team who knows my secret, but I'm hoping that the rest of my teammates don't notice that I'm skipping the beers and sipping llemon water all night.  I've already planted the seed of "bladder infection"... so that should cover the excessive peeing during our excursion.

Why the big secret you might ask? Well there are a few, very valid reasons:
1) Both myself and my hunny remain in severe shock... so we need to get used to the news before it makes the headlines.
2) When I say headlines... I'm not exagerating. You see, I live on a tiny, close knit, rural island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Its beautiful and so is the community... but there is no such thing as a secret. So the rule of thumb is: if you don't want everyone to know, don't tell anyone. Not even the dog.
3) My parents are away, and although they don't live on this island... they need to be the first to know.
4) When we do make the big "announcement" to our families.... I envision it as a very pinterest-y announcement- therefore, I need my ultrasound pic... which will hopefully happen next week.

So there you have it. I must say-- although I don't want to rush this process along... I am soo looking forward to the days when I can hang out with my close friends and not have to pretend I hate sushi and wines.... just simply pass on it, touch my belly and smile.

And this is what I mean by a pinterest-y announcement //

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